Common & Mandatory Questions to Be Asked From Moving Company Before Booking

The movers and packer’s business is escalating at a firm pace. However, there are a few things that you must ask your dealers before getting on board. With the growing business, there are often changes of fraudulent activities as well. Did you know several agencies out in the market do not even have peculiar licenses and a workplace?

Numerous new companies are created every year with little knowledge of the packers and movers in Gurgaon business. Cluelessly dealing with unknown companies can lead you to great difficulty. There will be a lot of confusion between several moving companies, especially when you are not aware of the questions that you must ask when hiring relocators in India. You never know how it might help you avoid falling into any pitfalls.

This questionnaire will help you understand the working and handling of your potential relocators. By raising these questions, you are only making sure that the services are reliable and you can trust your dealers. Hence, this list of the top questions to ask when hiring relocators for shifting your domestic household goods in India or the world.

Does your company have the relevant license?

A well-organized relocation company will ensure encryption of the documents, references, testimonials, etc. to gain your trust. But if they do not provide you with the mere docs of authentication of their company, you must ask at least for a genuine business representation.

All these practices will only help you distinguish that you are not dealing with an individual freelance mover and packer provider. These documents can be the trading licenses, identification proofs, service tax details, etc.

How long has the company been in the industry?

The years of working in the business will be directly proportional to the quality of service you can await from them. Moreover, it will also act as a clear mirror to tell about their experience in the industry. Any reputed relocators will be pleased to provide you the necessary details.

However, a not-so-established company will try to avoid this possibility. They will be hesitant in telling their new establishment in the industry. It is only to know what to anticipate from your packers and movers in Gurgaon because it will impact their prices for moving services.

What are the ways provided by the relocators for contacting?

The Mode of communication has massively spread and given us a number of ways to connect, from phone and mail to SMS. But the stress awakens when a relocation company suddenly stops taking your calls when your goods are midway.

Of course, at first, dealers will cheerfully pick your calls to communicate, but the problem occurs after you pay them in advance. Hence, you must clarify all of the details and have substitute contact details in place.

What are the payment terms?

The payment term is one of the most decisive things, and it matters. Knowing whether they have a manageable payment term or not is crucial before fixing the dealers for your relocation requirement.

Most Best Packers and Movers in Gurgaon need some advance before shipping the goods, but you can always insist on giving an advance on the date of packing and settling payment after the shipment of goods. It can also help you avoid falling into the pitfalls of fraudulent activities. Good professionals can offer you much more adaptability.

How many direct employees does your company have?

It is a very honest and direct question to ask your relocation service provider. It will give you a clear perspicacity toward how adept the business is. A legitimate company will convene its task team both in the packing and securing end.

The preoccupation of a subcontractor is not a distressing thing, but the problem begins when it requires coordination between the contractors and the firm you have your deal with, and it does not happen how you expected.